In The Shower

Ever stepped into the shower with a huge jungle of hair? Avoid adding water to your hair if it is knotty and tangled. It is much harder to work a comb through wet hair as it congeals when wet. An easy fix is to run a brush through your hair before you hop into the shower. Another tip is to focus your shampoo on your roots as it can dry the ends out and cause more tangling. After conditioning, follow up by running cool water through your hair as the hot water has opened up the cuticles and it makes it easier for the hair to knot. Cool water will close up the cuticles and leave it smooth.

After Showering

Hair is much more delicate when it is wet and can stretch up to 50% more, so you need to be careful when you run a bush through it.  Run your fingers through your hair to loosen knots and follow up with a rake comb, avoid pulling through the knots.<


hairdryer downwards, parallel to your hair. Going against the hair can fray your ends and frayed ends equals knots and dry damaged hair. If you come across a patch of hair that has knotted or even matted the best way to tackle it is by adding some conditioner and gently work through with your fingers until the knots become free.


No 1 rule…brush your hair before bed.  After a day of running around and minor tangles and knots accumulating in your hair, you need to brush them out or they will escalate into bigger masses of tangles (bed hair).  Try braiding your before you go to be , but make sure you change the way you do your style at night. If you keep the same style each night it can cause damage from the ties rubbing in the same place. Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase, not only good for your skin, but also your hair as it does not scratch against your hair and prevents damage and breakage.